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 What? My last post about my Monthly Picks was on April! Seriously?!! O.o  Perhaps it's a good thing for me because no new things to share meaning I didn't spend alot during the past few months HAHA!

Been using Anmyna Shampoo and Hair Conditioner for weeks and I gotta say I love them! My hair used to be really dry and I can't even comb them if I didn't use any conditioner, but now, I feel like my hair was less tangled even after I use their shampoo without conditioner. 

I mean I feel like their shampoo is really soft that it won't make my hair feel too dry or frizzy. Also the scent of their shampoo and conditioner was really good OMG! Smell like perfume! Bf loves it and he has been using it secretly too! How I know about it? I smelled his hair wtf HAHAHA!

If you are interested, kindly contact @anmynamalaysia.okia :)  #notanad

Can't decide which primer I should get as there are so many primer in the market with different kind of benefits, such as smoothing, oil control and minimizing pores. Decided to go for the POREfessional face primer by Benefit because the rating of customer review for this primer is so damn high and it's also one of the top sales item of Sephora.

It was pretty good so far. It did help minimizing my pores but some of them are still visible. I do feel like my make up lasts longer compared to the time when I'm not using primer. Conclusion, I kinda like it!

Never stop looking for concealer that can cover up my dark eyes circle! This Malu Wilz Camouflage Cream was pretty hot because Beauty Guru Pony used it on her tutorial! As a fan, how can I miss it huh!

There are a few shades to choose from as different shade can be use for different purposes. I got the Shade 1 Light Beige for my under eyes. Result was not bad but my dark eyes circle didn't disappeared completely and the concealer was pretty dry so apply a small amount will do! *Guess my journey to find the best concealer is still on going or nothing can help my dark eyes circle? fml lolll

Hello to my cute blusher!! I actually bought this because of the packaging and also because it's very affordable :P

This is A'PIEU x Doraemon Air Fit Cushion Blusher in shade PK01 and it's also my very first cushion blusher! I think this brusher works pretty well and again, it's very affordable! You should give cushion blusher a try if you like Korean dewy make up. The only thing is that this blusher didn't lasts really long on me but maybe just me idk?

Been looking for a 2 in 1 bronzer and highlighter palette kit because usually they were sold separately and it's not convenient to travel with so many stuff. Sometimes I might only bring the bronzer along and forget about my highlighter T__________T

So I found this SSIN x Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics BH Box that fulfils my wish! Gosh it's in my favourite Iridescent for the packaging!!! Nothing beats iridescent!!

 FYI, SSIN is a very talented beauty Youtuber with great make up tutorial! You can check her youtube channel HERE

Obviously I don't really give a damn about the sticker HAHA! I mean they are cute but I don't need it lolololll

This BH Box is truly a gem!! It comes with Bronzer & Highlighter Palette (Contour Kit) , Easy Long Wear Auto Shadow and 2 pretty Eyeshadow!!! It's totally worth every penny OMG!! I would say it's one of my best buy!

This is the contour kit. It comes with 3 shades which is 01 Pearl Highlighter, 02 Medium and 03 Medium Dark. I have the love and hate relationship with this contour kit. I actually love the bronzer which they actually comes in 2 different shades but the highlighter is not my thing. I love highlighter with (more) shimmery effect and this was just ok :( 

Besides the contour kit, this Easy Long Wear Auto Shadow (01 Light Auroma) is also my favourite! It's super long lasting and smudge proof! It totally amazed me because I do not have any expectation on it as what I really want was just the contour kit. I used it for my everyday make up now hehe

(Left) 92 Daisy Peach / (Right) Wild Almond
The Monocolor Shadow on the other hand was quite disappointing. The color payoff were in shine but they were not rich enough for me. It will become cakey too if I apply a few more layer, also they were not as long lasting as the Easy Long Wear Auto Shadow. :(

Tbh, as long as the toner didn't cause me skin allergic, other than that I can't really tell how a toner can be consider a good one fml. That's why I always try new brand. This time I go for The Chok Chok Green Tea Toner by TonyMoly. It was, not bad for me lolll and I think the scent of it was pretty good! The green tea kinda scent make me feel refresh and relaxed! 

This was my ...... uncountable bottle of Apricot Scrub from ST.Ives. It was in such a generous size and best of all, it's affordable. One bottle of this can lasts me about 6 - 12 months lolololll. I will use it a little bit on my face and sometimes also on my body. Gently massage your skin with it and you will feel your skin become super smooth after that!

- Do not rub too hard or else it might cause you getting rashes!
-Do not scrub your face oftenly! It will hurt your face if you over-exfoliate them! 

Moving on to my fav facial cleanser, the Deep Cleansing Foam by 1028. I love it really really much! I used like at least 3 bottle before this! What I like the most about this cleanser is that you just need a small amount of it and it's already enough to create a very thick and creamy foam!! And my face didn't feel dry after using it too! It's suitable for those having sensitive skin.

Not only facial cleanser, their facial mask is also da booooom! The mask sheet was so so so thin like almost weightless and it fit my face perfectly. Bf can't really tell if I'm putting mask or not from far, see, that thin yo! Aside from that, the mask gives me an instant hydrate. I like to put it on the day before my date to make sure my skin will look good on the next day HAHA!

FYI, I'm selling both of this product by 1028. Not because I'm selling it and I say they are good but it's because they are really good and that's why I decided to bring them back! 
If you are interested, kindly contact me via Line or Wechat : @theVOL1 

One of my odd habit is that I like to wear room shoes at home eventhough it's very hot and my foot can't stop sweating HAHAHAHAHAH. But I changed them very often ok :P  This room shoes by Uniqlo X Kaws is my favourite now because they are so comfortable to wear yet very stylish! It's just that I do really sweat a lot with this room shoes HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!

Alright, I guess that's all for now? Actually I got a few lippie these month but I don't want to bored you guys with a lengthy post and I think maybe I can do a post to show you guys all of my lippie collection! Like a swatch or lippie review of my collection. Should I? hehe

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!


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