How to Block Game Invites on Facebook?

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There's always some trending/hot games on Facebook for a certain period of time. Last time we got Candy Crush and now we have Pirate Kings. I'm one of the gamer too HAHAHA! We will surely receive game request from friends sometimes but I'm sure you will receive more notifications when more of your friends play. I receive tons of game request all the time but I don't pay much attention on it as they will just be gone after I click on the notification and no matter how many game request I got, as long as they are the same game, it will appear in same line of notifications and not repetitive , so I think it is okay. 

Not sure is it because of Pirate Kings are getting more and more famous, I get to see and read a lot of status of others like "I don't play games! Don't send me invites anymore!" "Game request are annoying!" "I'm gonna delete them from my Facebook to whoever that try to send me game request again!" Hmm... Do you guys know that, you can actually block those game request? We, gamers, wouldn't know that you don't play games, or how many people that had send the game request to you or what you wanna see/ don't want to see and also very sorry that we don't have the time to read everyone's status. So to make things easy, why don't you just block the game by yourself, instead of being so annoying and whining all around? *wink

I know I know. There are a lot of people out there who didn't know about this "blocking game request" function and that's why I'm here! I'm gonna share 3 ways to block game request with you guys today hehe! 

Method #1

Go to your Facebook toolbar and click on the first icon from the right. ( I selected them with a pink box in the photo so you spot them easily :D )

Click on "Settings".

And then it will direct you to a new page and look for "Apps".

Click on "Edit" which is under Apps, Websites and Plugins.

"Disable Platform" and you are done! FYI, this method will help you to block ALL game request. If you only want to block certain apps, go to the next method below.

Method #2

Same step as above but this time look for "Blocking" instead of "Apps".

You will see "Block users, Block app invites, Block event invitations, Block apps and Block Pages" after clicking "Blocking". Type the name of the game/apps on the column of Block apps and you will be able to block the game request/invites from the apps that you've selected. You can even unblock them anytime if you feel like playing it :)

Method #3 - The easiest one!

Click on your notification box and look for the game invites that you would like to block and click on the [X] button (as per the photo above)

Turn it Off and Tadaa, You will no longer receive anything from the app!

Yea, that's all! Quite simple right? Just a few steps to block everything that makes you unhappy! I hope this will help you! heheh :D  Sorry if I did spam you by game invitation or request before and now you can just block my invites! Wooohoooo! HAHA :P  Play smart yoooo, PEACEEEEEEEEEEE! ♡


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  1. very useful! thank you very much!!

  2. OH MY GOD YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS. I swear i just closed my facebook tab, annoyed with the game requests, wanting to look for how to disable the noticifications AFTER reading your blog then you made a post about it. wow, just wow. thanks a lot btw!

  3. Great info sir. You made it really easy to understand. I just enjoyed this one. Now we can block Facebook game Invites in just one click.
    Thank you ��