20 Random Facts About ME!

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So, 20 Facts about me is one of trending topic on Instagram/Facebook. I got tagged by my gfs and I know some people might find it's quite annoying to post it on Instagram. So instead of doing it on Instagram or Facebook, I blog it here. I can even elaborate more here and to make it more annoying lololll! :p Tried so hard to write something that you guy wouldn't see it coming from me, from here, you guess will know who is Baoer. HAHAHA.


1. I chew my nails lololol. Whenever I got nervous or think about things, I start to bite my nails. But this habit comes and goes. Seasonal habit. wtf.

2. I pick my nose everyday! Sometimes even twice a day HAHAHA! :P

3. I tend to get fever easily. Whenever I face a nervous situation or pressure period, I will surely get fever after all the situation is solved. It's like the after effect of a nuclear bomb.

4. I practice how to pose infront of the mirror sometimes lolll. Just wanna look good in my ootd shot. *girlsbeinggirls

5. I hate frog, snake and lizard. I am just afraid of cold blooded animal! For me I think they are gross, especially their cold blooded skin! No hard feelings for reptile lover. But then, I think I'm cool enough to be not afraid of cockroaches! Oops, this is 2 facts here lol.

6. I'm quite picky when it comes to food. I don't eat cheese, broccoli, salad, milk and blah blah blah.

7. I don't know how to ride a bicycle/bike. Urrghh! Quite embarrassed to tell you guys that I actually can't ride a bike. Blame my Papa Tang! He didn't teach us how to cycle when we were young lolll. I just can't balance myself on a two wheel vehicle. Hmm... About driving a car. I actually got my license but I'm afraid of driving a car after I got into an accident few years ago, a small one. Phobia you know? :( Also I can't do side parking lololollll.

8. I don't like to drink water, which is really bad. I drink soft drinks more than water. Sometimes, I don't even drink a drop of water in a day, but now I'm adapting to drink water.

9. I cry easily and I cry a lot. I cry if I read touching article, movie, drama and also if someone shouted at me, I will also cry one lololll. Oh ya, If I'm so angry but I just can't it express in words, my tears will also help me.

10. I'm impatient and I get frustrated/ angry easily. I always want things go my way and I want it to be quick, this is why I always argue with bf. He is too slow sometimes. HAHA. I have a bad temper! Opps! :|

11. I'm not satisfied with my face and always want to go for plastic surgery but I'm afraid of pain and I don't have $$$ now.

12. I love to think, almost every night. Think about my family, my future, what to eat the next day and so on lol. Sometimes I even cry for those things. Call me Miss Over-thinker. Hmm.. I also think about ghost looking at me while I sleep..wtf

13. I must sleep with my blanket that covers all over my body and head, and bolster to cover my ear. I know I'm weird.

14. I love to play mahjong and I think I'm good at it! I'm addicted to the "Mahjong 3 player" recently!

15. I never get enough of shopping. Shopping is my fav exercise and it's like I will never feel/ know what is tired no matter how long I walk or stand, as long as I'm doing shopping! I'm not a fashionista but I love fashion! I love dressing up myself. I love seeing fashion people!

16. I can't stand the sound of chewing. For example, the sound of someone chewing broccoli. I don't know, I just can't. I feel very uncomfortable whenever I heard that but I know I can't stop people from chewing their food, so sometimes I will just leave or do other things to distract my attention.

17. I can't live without contact lens. I consider my eyes, big but my pupils are small so I look weird without lens or to say, I'm used to look at myself with lenses.

18. I check over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Dayre and Imotiv everyday. To be more specific, I will not miss out any post in my Instagram feed no matter what. Even if it takes me to scroll for 1 hour until my last seen post. You know, you can only load for a specific number of posts and the older one will never show again. If I missed any, I will get frustrated HAHAHAHAHA. That will go back to Fact No.10, "frustrated easily"…HAHA It's all linked together.

19. I love to draw nail art myself and I created a hashtag for my nails on Instagram which is #NotdbySuperBaoer . I counted today, give up after counting till 60, that means my nail polish is more than 60 from various colours to brand! Have to reach millions… HAHA,

20. I'm a shy people if we first meet, only at first meet. I'm bad at socialising. I afraid of talking with strangers or do ice breaking, I don't know how people think about me, what topic to start and what if she hates me? :(  But if you take the first step, I will do the rest. I'm friendly thou HAHA!

21. I enjoy taking photo of myself. Yea, I think you guys know I love selfie too HAHA. I don't mind telling you guys that I do photoshopped most of them! :) Now you know I don't have flawless skin :( Btw, I don't edit my eyes. *wink

22. My palm sweat easily without reason. It's not like sweat sweat, it like a mini flood on my palm. LOL.. That is why I don't like holding or shaking hands with others :(

23. I love showering with super hot water and that's where I will have my own concert HAHA. I dance and fall down before, inside the bathroom while taking shower HAHA.

24. When I'm alone, I tend to feel awkward and will avoid talking with anyone or to look at people, I will pretend I'm busy texting or to call someone. That's why I hate seeing my phone with low batt! wtf.

25. I love compliment! So you know what to do! HAHA! :P

Done! Not sure if you guys realise that I actually listed 25 of them, instead of just 20. Free 5 facts for you guys HAHA. Last but no least, I would like to tag all of you here who are reading now to write 20 Facts about You! I love reading them like seriously. If you wanna show me, you can just tag me on any my social media heh!

Hope you guys enjoy reading my random facts or some weird facts about me!


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