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I guess everyone know about 3CE by Stylenanda? It's super hot now!! Thanks B&W Store for sending these product to me. I'm gonna share with you guys about what I got from them today! :D

These are the 2 products that I received! :)  B&W Store is selling 100% authentic products from Stylenanda as you can see the official sticker and packaging is still there. The items that they are selling comes directly from Stylenanda!

3CE Square Mini Hand Mirror!

 And I got my favourite colour which is PINK! Besides Pink, there are also Black colour.

This is really my favourite Hot Pink! Super cute isn't?

You can really tell the quality from looking at the mirror as some of the bad quality mirror will reflect a blurry image or a different size of your face but this show every single detail! Besides, the size of it is cute and easy carry along with you too.

I'm gonna put it on my Bf's car! As I need to check my make up always lol and the mirror of the car is kinda far from the seat and it's not that stable! Now I can even apply lipsticks in car lolololll.

 This is my new love! 3CE Eyebrow Shaper.

There's Natural Brown and Grey Brown.

I go for Natural Brown as my hair colour is kinda light. You should actually choose the color that matches your hair colour ;)

Every cosmetic from 3CE  also comes with this sticker and it will state on what colour is your product in.  If you get the one that does not have this black sticker, it might be a fake item or a used item :(

I'm those kind of person who is afraid to go out without drawing my brows HAHAHA. My eyebrow is kinda thin so it might look browless from far LOL. Eyebrow is really important for me. I think that the make up is incomplete without drawing brows.

This is the Before and After of using the Eyebrow Shaper wtf. I think this colour suits me well!!

I'm super in love with it! The texture of it is abit like eyeliner, not that harsh/rough and the colour is quite light! Best of all this eyebrow shaper is so easy to draw and control! :D

Like to draw this straight eyebrow recently lol :p

B&W Store does not only sells 3CE items, they are also selling fashion items from Stylenanda, such as bag, shade, cap and so on! Now B&W Store is having 10% discount as an opening promotion! Promotion is valid until 31st Oct! If you are interested, go and place your order now! :D

Facebook: B&W Store
Instagram: bnw_store
Contact: 013-2302000 (line/wechat/viber/whatsapp)


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  1. You have the most gorgeous skin ever!!!!!!!....... Could you please tell me how you achieve it and what blusher you're wearing in these pics??... Pretty pleeeeez.....? =D
    Your features are super-cute, by the way.....you're like a living doll.........

    1. Hi there, I'm using Blush Hour 03 Flashing Rose from SilkyGirl! And Thank you so much!♡