The Lilac Box 4.

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Ello :D 

It has been sometime I didn't blog about beauty box. Not that I didn't purchase any of them anymore, it's just that I'm worry that you guys might get bored because of too many of beauty box review. HAHAHA.

Nah! Today I got the urge to blog about this beauty box because they are too awesome! One of my favourite beauty box, The Lilac Box! I blogged about their first box before, you can still read it HERE. I actually didn't missed any one of the boxes, Bf bought them and surprise me every time, a blind date with boxes. I'm so poor recently so I got no money to buy them :(  But you know what? My Bf enjoy the products and surprise from beauty box too and he love Lilac Box so much! He said he don't want me to missed the good one so he ordered for me every month LOL. Sweet huh? But he just want to check out what's inside the box and see which product is suitable for him HAHAHA :P

I love their design and the packaging so much! Simple yet elegant!

 Jimmy Choo Parfums!

So full right? :D

Loreal Expert Liss Ultime Smoothing Shampoo 100ml. You know what? Sometimes when my shampoo is finished, I will go and look for my beauty boxes. I can always find good shampoo from them LOL.

Loreal Expert Liss Ultime Smoothing Masque for Unmanageable Hair 75ml. If I'm not mistaken this is to avoid tangled hair but I haven't try it out yet. Will try it the next morning, LOL.

Not sure where I'm looking at HAHAHA But Smoothing Masque's size and color are so adorable! It smells great as well.

Loreal Mademiuselle infinium Strong Hold Professional Hairspray 100ml. I don't really use hairspray actually because I love natural curls but for special occasion I still apply some or else the curls can't last long! My friend's wedding dinner is coming soon! Can't wait to try it out! :D

My fav product among these! OPI Nail Lacquer Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!

The color is a "safety colour" which I think it won't be outdated or what not, applicable for any occasion. Love it! But it will be better if its a pastel color lolololll

Jimmy Choo Flash and Jimmy Choo parfum sample, 2ml each. I also love perfume samples, especially when I go travelling, easy carry and can try different smell everyday! When I love it, I can just buy them without wasting money. HAHAHA Ofcourse, I love full sizes perfume more :p

Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange Hand Therapy 25g.

I love this hand therapy so much! Smell very fresh and super moisturise! *thumbups 

SOTHYS Desquacrem Deep Cleanser 15ml and SOTHYS Hydradvance Light Hydrating Cream 15ml. Haven't try them out but I had read alot of good review of them! :)

Yayyy! I really love this box! The OPI is actually worth more than the price of the box!!! But I prefer cosmetic and skin care rather than hair product :(
But still I'm quite satisfied and its worth! FYI, Lilac Box is currently RM49.90 for one (including delivery).

For more info, kindly visit their website - ♡♡♡

Oh ya, I tried something new with my eyeliner :p *something is out of topic

I add a tiny liner at the end of my bottom eye liner. :D

I think it don't really suits me because the liner was like surrounding my eyes. It makes the white part of my eyes look more wide and my pupil looks so small LOL  :))

Till then! XOXO.

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