Food Foundry @ Section 17.

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I think most of you know that Nadeje is finally in PJ. I went there twice but there's always a long queue. I seriously hate to queue so we just left the place HAHAHA but then Bf's bro intro us a place that sell Mille Crepe as well and the feedback is quite good too!

Food Foundry!

My first time there and at first sight, I cant imagine that a place like that can have a great restaurant where the Food Foundry was actually located under an apartment!

It was a rainy day and we got no umbrella so we just run across the road. Body went all wet and what even worst is that the whole place was full!! :(  I think we waited for more than 15 minutes and a friendly Malay uncle with his family asked us to share the table with them! How sweet!!!! Actually many of them in the restaurant had finished their meal but they just don't want to leave! X(

 The menu.

Hello Mille Crepe!!!

The place was also recommend by the Tripadvisor! We ordered 3 piece of Mille Crepe :)

My simple coordinate. Love my Purple Galaxy Jacket ♡♡♡

Earl Grey Mille Crepe. I don't really like this. I don't know how to describe the taste but it taste weird to me. By the way, it tasted like earl grey tea. LOL

Chocolate Mille Crepe.

Side view of the mille crepe actually look like a stack of wet newspaper. HAHAHA :p

 But it taste quite good! Spot the chocolate crisp in between? :)

My fav among the 3 mille crepe! The Peach Mille Crepe!!!

Not only the top but the middle of the mille crepe is also full of peach! Nom Nom! I think this is so delicious because the peach make the mille crepe taste so fresh and won't be too plain!

This is my first time having mille crepe. I'm not sure whether Mille Crepe is that soft or what,but the one I ate just melted once u put it into your mouth. For me, I think it will be better if the texture is more firm and not that soft.

 Bf's Pure Camomile and I had Ice Lemon Tea LOL.


 Bf and his bro :)

The rain and the wet body make us down and we didn't take the picture of the environment but the mille crepe do cheer me up a lil bit :p Got no picture of the environment but got the picture of our faces with some part of the environment  HAHAHAHAHA.

Face of guiltiness after eating that much of mille crepe? HAHAHA

Look at the environment, not bf face! HAHAHA.

The place is quite big. Food Foundry is a combination of 2 shoplot sticking together if not mistaken and their interior design is simple, relaxing and its in white! They serve fine meal as well and the price is reasonable. Mille Crepe is around RM9 per piece if not mistaken. I will definitely go back again to try their fine meal and other flavour of mille crepe!

BG-8, Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Operating Hours:  Mon - Sun 11:00 - 22:00
Phone: 03-79553885 / 03-7932 2322

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