Pony Pony!

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Hello Hello! *fliphair I dye my hair again last week for CNY! Dip dye again lol. So in love with the current colour!!!! I named it as PONY this time HAHAHA. Will tell you why later :p

Before I dye my hair, I had asked for so many suggestion from friends on what colour to dye this time. Most of them like purple but I personally love pink LOL. So.... I decided to make a combination of both of them!!!!!!!

This is it peeps!!!! Nice or not??!!!!

Pink, Purple and Lavender! Goshhhh Mad loving it!

Why I named this hair color as PONY is because...

My hair color looks like hers! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! 

Because I love it so much, so I selca alot HAHAHA. If you don't want to see, you can skip it :p But all nice one, see la see la HAHAHA wtf

I even apply Purple Eyes Shadow to match with my hair LOL

Among so many times of dip dye, I love the color of this combination the most! The dip dye parts look like fake hair! LOL

The purple and pink is just so matching!!!!!

Favourite photo of the day!  I look freaking slim! HAHAHA

I look tall or not? Angle is really so important! HAHAHA  :))

Okay enough of my photo hahaha. Since I received so many msg asking me about my hair, so I going to answer some of the frequent or popular question today. :) Sweet enough? lol

Q1: Where do you dip dye your hair?
- The first time I dip dye my hair at KL, the purple one HERE. Around RM200, only for the bottom  dip dye's part.

-The Fighthing Fish HERE , the pink one HERE and this PONY was done by my bf! Awesome right? ♥♥♥

Q2: Is your Bf a Hair Styler? 
Oopps! He is only my personal hair styler lololollll. Just kidding. He is still studying, not a hair styler :)

Q3: Won't your hair be so dry or damage?
Super dry okay? I can't even comb my hair if I didn't use conditioner! :( If your current hair is so healthy and you don't want them to be damage. DON'T EVER BLEACH YOUR HAIR!

Q4: What's your current hair colour? 
HAHAHA. I know you guys knew it already, incase some people don't know HAHAHA. My top part is Milk Tea Brown and bottom is PONY colour LOL

Q5: How long can the colour last for?
It faded quite fast actually! 1 month maybe? After 1 month you may get surprise colour as the colour changes to a lighter one. Maybe you will like the faded colour more. But my previous pink hair last for quite long! 2 months I guess!

Q6: What colour will I suggest to you guys?
Hmm... Dark Purple! Dark Purple can last for quite long! Because when it fade away it will turn to light purple, still purple right? HAHAHA. 2 in 1!!!!

Alright! That's it! You can still ask me other questions that I didn't answer for you today :p Just leave your comment down below.

Hope you enjoy reading :x


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