Island Trip Day 1.

2:30:00 PM

Ipoh my first home, Kampar second, KL third and Penang become the fourth one LOL. Since my sis is studying in Penang now, I always wanted to go there to find her and my aunt *an excuse to travel to Penang :p

So bf and I went there again last month *we also went there last week lolll and stayed there for 2 nights again because the previous one day trip was not enough for us :p

Did a different style of make up that day! I like it so much :) And I love the nail too!!!!

Fetch my sis at her hostel and we went to have lunch with our aunt :D

Aunt brought us to a restaurant somewhere near to Relau. I don't know what is the name of shop -.- My sis said everytime when there is people who come to visit my aunt, this is the place that she will bring them to have some delicious meal HAHAHA

First dish, this is kinda like an appetizer where the mihun is cook with some sweet and sour soup, something like tomyam but in chinese style. Penang delicacies hahaha


Sweet and sour fish :D

 And this chicken wing! Highly recommended by my aunt! LOL. It's so soft and nice!

After that my aunt asked us to bring her to buy Apong (pancake) at Apong Guan. I wonder why she can eat so much HAHAHA.

Apong Guan is located along Burma Road,infront of Union Primary School, open from 9am - 9pm (Monday - Saturday)

Aunt said there's always long queue one!

40sen per piece :D

Gosh! The apong taste so good!!! The apong is serve with banana slice and corn!!! I don't really like the banana but I love the corn so much! I asked my aunt whether I can just order an apong with corn or not and she told me she tried before and she got scolded by the uncle HAHAHA. Uncle said: The speciality of my Apong is that it is serve with banana and corn! I don't sell it if you want it with corn HAHAHA.

I miss it so much!!!! Why Ipoh don't have this kind of Apong one? So not fair!! :(

After that whole journey, we went to Hotel to check-in. We stayed at Tune Hotel this time because it's kinda near to my sis's hostel :)

Guess what we do after a short break? Yes! Eat again!!! GOSHHHHHH!!! HAHAHA. Aunt and sis wanna eat steamboat as dinner. My stomach already 70% full actually LOL.

We went to House of Steamboat which is near to the hotel :) It's a 2 in 1 steamboat buffet.

It was quite pack that day!



Fruits and desserts.

Instant noodle and some vegetables.

Fried food and the famous mutton curry served by House of Steamboat.

Fried food again and some bun.

Fishball or we shall name them as frozen food.

Dim Sum!!

This bowl of yellow thingy is not Corn ice-cream but butter :p

They even have lok lok!

People haven't ready then he snap already -.-

I'm so round!!! O.O

Sis was so happy and she poses with the clamp. HAHAHA It took a long time until we can eat the clamp! Because sis fried it instead of boiling them fresh HAHAHAHAHA Surprisingly it tasted good! :p

Okay la. That's all for day one. Basically it's just a "Jalan-Jalan Cari makan Day" LOLLLL :p

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