21st Birthday ♥

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Last month 29th was my birthday. I'm officially 21 years old now *damn old! :(  I just passed my birthday with bf without any special celebration, maybe it's because I'm getting older and older so I don't feel like wanna celebrate for birthday haha.

On the 28th of night, I slept before 12am because there's something that make me angry. 12am sharp, bf and his bro came inside the room and sang me a birthday song. Bf holding cake too. Omg! I feel so awkward and don't know what to do lol. I expected that bf will come in and wish me on time but I never guess he will buy me a cake, because I didn't saw any cake at home and he always stick with me, idk how he go and buy the cake lol! And the cake is so pretty!!! Bf asked me why I din cry. haha.

 Scary naked face :-s

Pretty cake from Haagen Dazs :D

Bf brought me to Pavilion for shopping on the next day! Happy shit lol. We took lrt to Klcc and walk to Pavilion to avoid the jam :p

Happy girl and this is what we called 回蒙一笑  hahaha :))

Outfit of the day 

We took our lunch at Shabu One Steamboat buffet @ Lot 10.  :) Student can present their student id to get  student price :D

Alot of choice but they don't have my favourite Japanese tofu and oyster lol

 My cloth can actually wear in 2 ways. As you can see the ootd's look and this is different because the sleeve is so annoying so I changed it into this style lol.

I'm so busy with the meatball and bf suddenly called me and yea, I look at him just like this haha

And he said: smile la! So this is it lol :))

I only bought one dress and one shirt that day so I have nothing much to blog for the day lol.

Family gave me a surprise too for my birthday.

 They sent me flower!!!

 All the way from home!!!

I edited the name, coz I don't want to show you guys how my family call me :p This card actually make me feel so touch until I feel like crying. I know maybe you guys will feel like the card is nothing special, but it does mean alot to me! Especially the last sentences : From All of Us at Home! Damn! I miss them so much, miss my home so much! I never had this feeling before :(

Alright, so I wish all my birthday wishes will come true!!! :D And wish that my next birthday won't be so fast bcoz I don't want to get old. lol.

Random photo - Cupcakes from Wonder Milk. Look so cute right? I'm not a cream lover so it just taste "ok" for me, acceptable but Bf said it taste so nice :D

Thanks for all the wishes in my Facebook, Msg and everywhere lol :p

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