Happy Birthday Baby Sis.。

5:57:00 AM

26 Feb was my sister and my dear ccm's birthday. Happy Birthday to you both :D

Sister invited her friend's to partey at our house and we had steamboat session at the noon.  I guess she is very happy that day not because of her friends that came, it is because I sang her a special version's birthday song lol :p

I feel so emo right now because I just realize I din eat the cake that day!! It was all my lil bro's fault! Keep crying and wanted my sis to cut him a cake when I'm still eating dinner. I was so full after dinner and totally forgot about the cake! That is ice cream cake leh! Me want!!! :( Ccm, You want it? :p

I know we don't look alike! Many people thought we are just friend. hahaha. She is my sis ok? lollll

Once again, Happy Birthday baby sis. Owe you a present first, don't know what to buy for you since you're so rich and got everything already. HAHA.

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