1:32:00 AM

OLLO,yesterday i watched MEGAMIND with my dear and sis.
and there is n0 3D due t0 the cinema which is under ren0vati0n.
but is 0kay laa..

0verall is funny and very nice. *thumb up*
but i think they sh0uld name it as 'MEGAHEAD'. haha
his head is really BIG!!! *evil laugh*
btw he is still CUTE!
C.U.T.E! haha

he always evolve int0 other characters.
and when he evolve int0 a guy wh0 cal bernard and kiss with roxanne ritchi
aww..is s0 sweet!!!
but then roxanne ritchi terclick his watch and he turn back int0 megamind.

all people in the cinema was s0 shock and shout OMG!
the 1st time i see people r s0 excited when watching a funny cart0on LOL

FYI,roxanne ritchi is s0 @#$%^&* PRETTY and SEXY! her eyes s0 big and nice!!!
bside that minion is 0so super duper cute.his machine always need t0 warm up at the conflict time.haha
and ofcourse there is a happy ending in the end. =D

i learn s0methg fr0m this m0vie.
every0ne can be her0! her0 can be made!
i wana t0 be a her0.
but CAN MY HEAD DONT WANT TO BE SO BIG?????? *hahahhaha*

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