❤ W.T.F.。

1:40:00 AM

last week i rushed f0r mass c0mm assignment - MAGAZINE
we been through al0t of problems and we even take pictures at the LAST MINIT. ><

we choose FOOD as our topic.
and name it as W.T.F aka WHAT'S THE FOOD. lol
my task is to EDIT.
i need to wait them settle all articles only i can d0 my part
i faced laptop until wana vomit ad!!!! GOSH~
somemore eyes infected!!!
continuously i sleep at 5am for 4days

= this is the FINAL RESULT of our project =

                            my 1st M.A.G.A.Z.I.N.E!!!!!

and the VOUCHER. lol. some error there.haha

hmm. hard copy's words got abit blur. sad nia.
but overall i suka pun la.haha. 
i love the COVER PAGE most~ ❤

and yea,d0ct0r said tat i can wear lens ad. FULLY recover! no any scar!
((( SCREAM~!!! )))
but he told me that there is no any yearly disposable lens wo. ask me dun buy it.
he said MONTHLY disposable is ad HARMFUL !!!

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