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FINALLY, finished final exam sudah!!!!!!!!!!
say HI t0 sem break & hapi cny xD
wow..tis week..6days..suffer dou vomit ar.
tat ah bi study crazy till talk with tree ad..she say wan snatch the oxygen with the tree w0r.ya allah ==
webpage design most geng,whole nite tak slp.
and i delivery roti canai t0 my h0ney ccm at 4.30am wa..s0 sweet.haha
hmm.bt the paper i dun0 ans oso. ==
f0r the exam,i n0 coment. n0 eyes t0 c the result.

h0pe can pass all n get 2.0 laaaaaaa~~
hmm...nw i 0nli gt time t0 update my bl0g`

i went g0 cut hair..with my dear & ah bi..
cut my super l0ng hair..
now is super sh0rt hair..haha
my new hair style~ h0h0
 then we makan famous ccf thr wa..reli fucking nice de w0r..

i saw dear de dady & mami..s0 shy wa ...hahahhaha
thy cal me as ♥sai lou lui♥ haha...

p/s : in the bus,ah bi keep say she forget her snack.keep say miss her snack.sei fei po arrr

me,dear & ah bi went KL.
1 sem 0nce.haha..
last sem we went midvalley,tis sem we went time square & sungei wang.
s0 s0 s0 EXCITED wa..
we took 9.30 ktm.
in ktm i slp like piggy,haha.
tat stupid dear curi take me photo wo whn i slp.

i look like....dun0 arrrrrrrr..
u c ah bi de stupid look.==

reach KL central.we took monorial t0 time square.
in the monorial a ham sap uncle keep looking at me n ah bi ar.wan kill him ad ar!!
reach thr,yea~ crazy SHOPPING TIME!!!
mani DISCOUNT!!haha~ tat fei bi buy whole time square ad ==

4.30 we went sungei wang.
we went sushi stati0n f0r lunch 1st.

ah bi de dumpling udon


dear de


finished makan,we SHOP again~~
w0w,,i buy alot er..

after that me & dear g0 take photo sticker er..so nice,bt dear look so stupid n bapuk.hahahahha

i buy a mask.haha.cool.
i wear it walk around sungei wang n take monorial.
all ppl look at me n smile.coz i have a 'sweet smile'.haha
a british guy look at me n smile.he ask his fren t0 c me,he say:haha~ u c her mouth.. XD

ah bi choosing bag,tis shop ppl mountain ppl sea ar

around 8pm we walk bck to time square,i buy dear a cloth..s0 nice gah.kaka
ah bi run g0 buy shoes
s0 rush.c0z we nid take monorial back KL central.

after we went monorail station,while wait the monorail come..
ii t0ld thm tat i saw mr.joe(our lecture) in monorail...
dear n ah bi keep ask whr i point the monorial.
thy keep looking around...i LAUGH n say aiya~ jux joke nia...lolx
laugh til cant stop ar me..

mon0rial came,we masuk.
on the way we saw the kl tower n twin tower.. s0 s0 nice and look s0 s0 near...
suddenly dear ask..hmm..we take wrong monorial izit??
we thk he plying..bt whn we c baik baik.FUCK l0r..
we wan go kl central but the monorail g0 titiwangsa...==
the monorial g0 terbalik ==

wow...damn nerv0us...coz we wan take 9.45 de ktm bck kampar....
play la..play la...take wrong monorial ad la..
then we went out at bukit nanas...
n buy ticket again...

after 10 min the monorail come adi...
we plan wana buy mcd at KL central de...
but thk nt enough time la....
sum0re we wory cant take ktm ..c0z so rush==
dunwan slp at kl central la me T^T
we reach kl central at 9.40...9.45 ktm start...
we run in!!! i long time nvr run like tat ad!! all ppl look at us~

we stil wan buy mcd..s0 stubborn!!
we runnnnnnnnn...order.bt tat ppl action s0 slow slow ...
sum0re we tarak duit paid.haha.tis take some thr take some.
enuff buy 3 set.haha
dear cal we go ktm 1st....me n ah bi run g0.
the guard ask us g0 whr.so l0ugh ar,terkejut ar
i say,kampar. OKOK.CEPAT CEPAT!!.
after we find our seat...dear still haven come ar...
the ktm wana start ad...worried!!!
AT LAST we saw dear coming...wuhoo...

we makan makan..kaka
thn again.. i slp

yea.we brought alot thg ar.
all my thgs..1 part onli,hahaah
nt count the money use f0r buy ticket,monorial,eat....
I JUST SHOP.1 ppl 400+ ==
bankrap ad la nw~ 
n0 nid eat sudah.haha
on9 shop i use 200+ 

but i still nid t0 dye my hair b4 cny ==
i wan buy 4D ad..
WISH ME GUD LUCK~~~!!! lol

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  1. thx honey delivery to me..
    sweet yo..

  2. say me lik tat...sad jor....XD

  3. haha
    byk pandai ler u dar
    very rushing lo.
    but most important is enjoyed^^